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Bone & Arch Surgery

At Allen Oral Surgery & Implant Center, we specialize in a number of different oral surgeries related to the bone of the jaw, as well as dental arches. Whether you need bone grafting to prepare for a dental implant, removal of dental tori to prepare for dentures, or any other oral surgery, we offer expert care for every situation.

Prepare For Dental Implants

Bone grafts

Bone grafting is used to strengthen the jaw in order to prepare for the placement of one or more dental implants. If you have been missing a tooth for longer than a year, the underlying jawbone may have weakened as a result. If this is the case, a bone graft may be required to strengthen your bone before it can support an implant.

jaw bone reshaping


An alveoloplasty is a procedure used to smooth and reshape the jawbone after one or more teeth have been extracted, usually to prepare for a partial or full denture. In most cases, an alveoloplasty is performed alongside a tooth extraction. The procedure results in a smooth jawbone that will heal more quickly, and provides a strong foundation for full or partial dentures. During treatment, the bone underneath your gums is reshaped and smoothed in order to remove ridges and bone protrusions.

Removing Problematic Bone Growths

Removal of Torus

A dental torus is a harmless piece of bone that grows in the upper or lower jaw, usually on the upper palate. While dental tori are not painful or uncomfortable in most cases, they can contribute to plaque accumulation, or block areas where a full or partial denture may need to be placed. In these cases, Dr. Allen will use special dental tools to remove excess tissue and bone, smoothing the area and removing the torus completely. This treatment is performed using local anesthetic or sedation, and Dr. Allen will always ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.

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Bone & Arch Surgery in Bowling Green

Whether you have a dental torus that must be removed before receiving dentures, or a bone graft is required before implant surgery, the team at Allen Oral Surgery & Implant Center offers specialized, expert care. To get started, schedule your initial consultation now at (270) 842-0166, or come to our office in-person at 1716 Ashley Circle, Bowling Green, KY 42104.

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