Preparing For Oral Surgery – Answering Common FAQs

We know that oral surgery may seem intimidating. Some patients have a lot of questions about what to expect, and we believe that the more informed you are, the more comfortable you will feel with your treatment. If you have an upcoming oral surgery, our experts want to help you prepare by answering some frequently asked questions:

Is Sedation Necessary For My Oral Surgery?

For some surgeries like simple tooth extractions, sedation may not be necessary. However, even if it is not required, you can still opt for sedation to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. With the combination of sedation and a local numbing agent, you’ll feel no pain or discomfort during surgery. Sedation will also help you feel less nervous and more at ease in the dentist’s chair.

We offer laughing gas as well as oral conscious sedation and IV sedation. The proper choice for you will depend on your procedure and your personal preferences, so we recommend discussing your sedation options with Dr. Allen before your appointment

What Should I Do To Prepare For My Appointment?

Before your appointment, the team at the Allen Oral Surgery & Implant Center will contact you with specifics about how to prepare. Typically, instructions include: 

  • Make transportation arrangements – After being sedated, you cannot drive yourself home. The effects of the medication will last roughly 4-6 hours, so make sure you have someone to drive you to and from our office.
  • Do not eat or drink for 8-12 hours – If you’ll be recieving IV sedation, you should usually not eat or drink for 8-12 hours before your surgery.

  • Dress comfortably – Loose, soft clothing will help you stay comfortable throughout your procedure. Consider wearing a sweatshirt or sweater if you tend to get chilly.

  • Give yourself enough time to recover – It usually takes a few days to recover from oral surgery, so we recommend taking some time off of work so that you can rest and let your body recover.

  • Have a post-operative diet prepared – You’ll usually need to eat soft foods like oatmeal, smoothies, applesauce for a few days after your surgery. It can help to have these items already stocked in your kitchen when you get home from your appointment.

Will Oral Surgery Hurt? 

No. Thanks to the local anesthetics and sedation we use, you will feel no pain during your oral surgery. However, you may feel some discomfort and pain for a few days after your surgery. Dr. Allen will typically prescribe painkillers to help you through this initial phase of recovery, and you should be pain-free within a few days. If your pain persists or gets worse after a few days, contact Dr. Allen for a follow-up appointment.

Prepare For Your Oral Surgery – And Know What To Expect! 

The idea of having oral surgery may still make you a bit anxious, but at Allen Oral Surgery & Implant Center, our team will keep you comfortable and safe throughout your entire procedure. 

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