Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

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Dental implants from Dr. Allen at Allen Oral Surgery & Implant Center are a great way to restore your smile. Whether you’re missing a single tooth, several teeth, or an entire arch of upper or lower teeth, we have implant options that can help.

If you’ve been considering dental implants and you are wondering whether they are the right option for you, here are a few signs that this treatment may be your best option:

1. You’re Interested In a Long-Term Solution For Missing Teeth

Dental implants are typically more expensive than other restorative options like dental bridges, or a partial/full denture. In addition, they may only be partially covered by your dental insurance plan. This means that you may pay a bit more out of pocket for a dental implant than you would for another treatment.

But there’s a good reason to make this investment in your dental health. Dental implants usually last at least 30 years, and many patients have their implants for the rest of their lives. In contrast, some dentures and dental bridges must be replaced every 5-10 years. In the long run, choosing a dental implant is usually the most cost-effective option. At our office, we can provide you with a number of affordable payment and financing options to help ensure you get the treatment you need.

2. You Are Healthy, With No Major Oral Issues

Certain medical conditions, such as autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis may disqualify you from receiving a dental implant. You must be in reasonably good overall health to have the procedure performed.

In addition, your teeth and gums must be healthy, with no serious tooth decay or gum disease that may affect the healing and recovery process, or increase your risk of infection. During your consultation with Dr. Allen, a thorough oral exam will be performed to determine whether your mouth is healthy enough to support implants. If your mouth is not healthy enough for implants at the time of your consultation, we can recommend treatments that will help restore your oral health, so that you may have implants placed at a later date.

3. Your Jaw Is Healthy, And Can Accommodate One Or More Implants

If your tooth has been missing for several years, the underlying jaw structure may have weakened, which can prevent the placement of dental implants. However, in some cases, a bone graft may be used to strengthen the area, allowing an implant to be placed. In rare cases, your jaw may simply be too small or shallow for a dental implant. If this is the case, a dental bridge or a denture must be used instead.

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